Teal Around The World 2022 
is here!

Let’s reimagine the world anew with a fresh sense of expectation. How do we bring a sense of magic and wonder into work and society in general? 

Join us at #TATW2022

On March 3-4 2022 it's gonna happen again! The story of Teal Around The World evolves. This year, we’re going on a journey from the inner world to the outer world, and even the outer limits. We are digging in and expanding the horizon. Join pioneers from around the globe as we explore what transforming work at every level of society actually looks like.


Explore, engage and shape a human-centric future with people from across the globe during this 24+ hours event.

Toni the Bee will be on your side to explore not only the keynotes and discussions, but also guide you to wonderful moments of connection and community fun. Stay curious! 


Early Bird Rate

You have the unique opportunity to get yourself a ticket now for only CHF 85. This Early Bird Rate is valid until January 2022. So grab this opportunity and get yourself a ticket today.




Teal Around the World 2022

by The Teal Network

Date and time

Thu, Mar 3, 2022, 11:00 AM –

Fri, Mar 4, 2022, 2:00 PM +04


Online event

CHF70 – CHF144.49

Curious what vibes to expect? Take a look at last year's conference in this video, or read what participants say below.

The event

 This year, you can choose between 3 different experiences to explore the Teal World.


Since we all know that Teal can’t be confined to a simple office space, and it’s about a deeper level of consciousness; we wanted to expand our conversations beyond work.   


Which one ist best for you?

Organizational Experience 
Is best for managers, HR employees and leadership. It focuses on how to move your company forward in the teal way. 

Personal Experience 
For everyone who wants to use teal in his or her own world. We know that Teal doesn't just live inside office walls. It lives in what you choose to embody, how you build your relationships, build your home, and so much more. If this pings then the Personal track is right for you. 

Society Experience 

Best if you come from an educational, scientific background or if you want to explore how teal can shape whole industries and the society as a whole.


The best news is that since we’re all about working in wholes, nothing exists in isolation. Everything connects. And you can mix and match your experiences to suit your evolving Purpose.   


The speakers

Numerous speakers are excited to share their story of teal with you and to dive into meaningful conversations and exchange around their topics. Stay tuned until we reveal more and more speakers over the coming weeks!

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Keynote speakers


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Well organized event with inspiring speakers. Excellent way to exchange practices around the world.



I'm still buzzing. I'm new to the Teal world and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of speakers and willingness to share case studies. I would gladly attend again. The support staff were amazing and easily led me to where I needed to go and quickly addressed questions. This was my first virtual conference and enjoyed the platform. The only improvement I would mention would be greater diversity, especially Black and Hispanic voices. You may want to also consider adding an Africa track next year as it felt that continent was left out completely.



Speakers, Participants and organization was just amazing. Lots of wholehearted, honest and very valuable experience sharing and inspiration. Thanks to everyone involved :)



To make a long story short: I found my WHY! What an amazing experience, to get to know all these community, really working and aiming for a better world. Well done!

What participants say


I would like to meet and connect with new people.
Will I have the opportunity?

Absolutely! We are a community connecting communities and we love
making space for people to connect with each other. There will be several opportunities to do so.

We went crazy last year with a midnight apero with some of the storytellers.. and it was amazing!
So do look around, visit the lounges and spatial areas... you never know who you will bump into!
(Disclaimer: We are not offering matchmaking services... just yet!)


Which tools do I need to attend TATW?


We will be using ZOOM, MURAL and Spatial Chat. All three are free-of-
charge and 100% cloud based. We also recommend an open mind, curious heart, and passionate spirit!


You can download the app, if you would like to, but that won’t be necessary. If you do want to run zoom locally, we advise you to run the latest version!



I cannot attend the full festival. How can I make the most of the ticket I paid for?


TATW is a 100% virtual event so you can come and go on your own terms. In case you cannot attend a session that you are interested in.


Access to recorded videos will be made available to all participants after the event.



I can only attend the 1st wave. Can I pay only 1/3 of the ticket?


We know what it like to be a busy bee! That's why we designed a ticket that leaves no one behind. Your entry ticket gives you full access to everything you want to attend and everything you missed. 


Video recordings of all sessions will be available to all participants after the event.



Where can I find the agenda and the speakers?


We will add all information to this website as soon as we have details available. If you want to be notified early, make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Social Media to be among the first to know!



My plans changed and I will not be able to attend. Can I get a refund?


We respect commitments and we will do our best to honor ours.

Please send a request for refund to thetealnetwork@gmail.com.



I have another question. Who can help me?


Before #TATW2022, we are all hanging out at the Teal Network on LinkedIn.
So why don’t you come along and join us there?


Coming closer to the event next year, Toni the Bee will be running our Twitter Account. It'll be the go to spot for all the need-to-knows and latest updates. 


And if you're still looking for inspiration check out our Social Media Accounts below. 


We love hearing from you!

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Teal Around The World is team work, with many partners supporting the success of the conference. More partners will be revealed soon!