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TATW 2020 - How a Small Idea Became a Big Thing

The Teal Around The World Conference (TATW) 2020 is one of our greatest success stories and in our challenging Corona World, a massive bright spot.

The bright spots that show us that, especially in difficult situations, unexpected forces can be unleashed when people get together with enthusiasm and motivation. The Teal Around The World Conference (TATW) is such a success story. Interestingly, Corona and the Teal Conference have a lot in common. Both started small and inconspicuously. The members of what would later become the Teal Network met for the first time just six weeks before the actual TATW and wanted to make things happen. This Teal Network consists of a diverse group of TEAL practitioners from America, China and Europe who although they had never met in "real life” came to know one another very well through virtual meetings. The small yet committed group quickly agreed that working together a global event could be created with a purpose to bring like-minded people together and create a virtual platform for exchange and inspiration. And so, the Teal Around The World Conference was born. Together we wanted and want to make a real difference and make “TEAL”, an approach of the integral-evolutionary form of organisation accessible to as many people as possible! Teal can be described as a collection of views for more human interaction in organisations based on three pillars: self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. Authentic stories from pioneers about Teal would give courage, especially in this disruptive time, to dare to break new ground and drive it forward. In the Teal Network, roles were quickly assigned and everyone could bring their strengths to one of the diverse groups. The homepage went live in no time and the first conference participants soon registered. Teal-enthusiastic storytellers around the globe were invited and the organisational team was inspired with overwhelming encouragement and active support. In addition, an enthusiastic team to support the conference infrastructure was found in the Philippines. The group is called “Hackbang” which translates to “next step” and has the goal of making the best out of the pandemic. So Hackbang joined the “Teal Network” a little later or frankly, just a week before the conference. With everybody encouraged to bring their best self to this conference, something magical happened. With all our enthusiasm and wish for connecting people, we created a conference that, according to feedback from participants, redefined the meaning of virtual conferences for 2020. It is difficult to put into words what happened in this 24-hour conference. You simply have to experience it yourself. With almost 300 participants from 41 countries and 28 storytellers, a movement started that has been drawing circles ever since. The collaborative atmosphere and the exciting topics were inspiring. The overwhelming feedback and the call for regular exchange motivated us to not only schedule a second TATW conference in March 2021 but also to set up monthly "Global Teal Meetups". The meetups have been running monthly since August. The next one will take place on January 21st, 2021. You can register here for the free event. You can also check out the topics bellow.

In addition to the Teal Meetups, you can also register for the next TATW conference on March 4th and 5th, 2021. Those who register quickly will not only benefit from the reduced early bird offer but will also get access to videos of the past Teal conference 2020.

We are enthusiastic about the platform that has emerged from our once small idea and we are looking forward to the future of this movement with great excitement and enthusiasm. We can only come closer to our vision together. The support and collaboration with one another fuel our actions and lets us continue to reach for the stars. Join our Teal Network in Linkedin to keep updated about all teal news & events around the globe!

By Maja Knobel, Irene Imhof & Frank Eiselt

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