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TATW2021: Bridging Teal Consciousness and Likeminded Communities Beyond Borders

You've probably heard this before but it has never been truer than it is today: the pace of change is rapidly accelerating and a global workplace revolution is emerging across geographies in the forms of conscious capitalism, future of work, teal, agile, Rendanheyi, etc.

The desire for more autonomy, decentralized decision-making, democracy and increased affinity to purpose has never been more prevalent in workplaces than we see today. In many transformations, an observable culture shift happens:

  • From top-down bureaucracy to participatory and generative decision-making

  • From stiff compliance-based objective to collective and co-creative ideation

  • From a plan-driven approach to value-creation

  • From control to trust-based engagement

  • From a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance

  • From the pursuit of wealth to the pursuit of purpose

Teal Around the World is born for such a time as this - an era that is breaking free from the shackles of traditional organizations and bringing the evolution of the workplace to a tipping point. As a movement of movements, the festival brings the collective energy of like-minded and passionate individuals, ready to leapfrog into revolutionary practices that shake up the status quo at the workplace and bring to new light a radical culture of self-management, evolutionary purpose, and wholeness.

Frederic Laloux, the author of Reinventing Organizations and heart behind the teal level of consciousness; Jos de Blok of Buurtzorg, who is radically shifting the patient-care system in the Netherlands; and Ricardo Semler, best-selling author of the classic Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend, and co-founder of Semco Style Institute, will keynote each of the 3 waves at Teal Around the World Festival 2021.

The festival also brings focus to inspiration and aspiration over theory. Storytellers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, geographies, and heritage will share a thing or two about their experiences around self-management, evolutionary purpose, and wholeness. TATW 2021 storytellers include Aaron Dignan, Doug Kirkpatrick, Otti Vogt, Lara Bezerra, Timm Urschinger, Lisa Gill, Brent Lowe, Bryan Ungard, Mika Korhonen, Tom van der Lubbe, Itziar Canamasas, Pascal Dulex, Gustav Henman, Emanuele Quintarelli, Payam Zamani, Monica Liu, Susan Basterfield, Patrycja Riera, Todd Khozein, Siobhan McHale, Sophie Le Ray, Kelvin Lee, Joseph Rathinam, Ligia Hacker, Jorge Silva, Koldo Saratxaga, Olivier Gesbert, amongst others.

The event will run for 24-hours across all timezones. Participants gather in virtual spaces to engage in meaningful conversations, solve problems, and co-create new solutions. Next to inspiration, there is ample room for networking and connection.

This year, content from the event will feed into developing the Reinventing Organizations Wiki, an open source site of collective wisdom from which all organization pioneers can learn and grow.

The Teal Around the World Festival is a purely not-for-profit event, organized by a diverse group of teal practitioners around the world, who are simply passionate about connecting teal communities beyond borders to exchange best practices and to learn from each other’s experiences to bring about positive change in organizations.

The collective energy and passion behind The Teal Network include individuals from LIVEsciences AG, Emerge Global and Hive-Logic.

Upcoming teal-community events include:


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