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TATW 2023

The event

2-3 MARCH 2023

Welcome to the Teal Land, now it is time to start thinking about your personal adventure at the conference!


As we are entering the jungle, where endless paths of possibilities might be challenging to choose from, Toni and Kai thought about some guidance for you. 

There are different kinds of footprints, which can help you to find the treasures and places most valuable in your current personal Teal journey.

Look out for the footprints which the story tellers are tagged with, so you can follow the trail or make a mix to individually shape your path based on your needs and curiosity.


Which trail should I follow?

Let’s start with a little reflection …

  • Where are you personally on your Teal Journey?

  • Where is your client/organization/business on their Teal Journey? 

  • Which trail will help you get to the next stage of your journey?


We offer four different trails, connecting those who might currently face similar challenges and share interest in similar topics of storytelling.


We also welcome free spirited adventurers who don’t want to follow any specific trail and create their own map for this journey.


 The jungle is fully yours to be explored!


Starting a new business is a great adventure with possibly a smaller team, high motivation and facing a lot of uncertainty every day. Quick reactions, fast movements and daring to make big jumps without a safety net might be your daily reality. Looking at the depth of experience in your teal practice we recommend the two footprints to follow:

The lemur with its incredible curiosity and their skilful movements between the branches will guide our start up adventurers who are at the beginning of their teal journey and are eager to learn more about the concept and initial challenges ahead.


The woodfrog with its high residency for cold weather and his fast long-range movements will guide our start up adventurers with experience in Teal practice, looking for the next level to reach and facing new challenges.

Established organizations

Your organization is well established in the market and many people work in different teams, departments and levels to bring the organizational long term strategy to life. Sudden changes in the environment, economy or global politics might challenge established processes or traditional structures. Looking at how far your or your organization is on the path of a journey towards teal, here are the two foot prints we recommend for you:


The elephant with its strong social bond in big herds, moving and taking challenges together, will guide our adventurers of established organizations who are at the beginning of the journey to bring teal principles to their organizations.

The crow with its wisdom and inner compass in large flocks when moving in winter towards south, will guide our adventurers of established organizations who have a strong base and experience in Teal practice but looking for challenging thoughts even beyond Teal.

The Speakers

Numerous speakers are excited to share their story of teal with you and to dive into meaningful conversations and exchange around their topics.

As we're wrapping up the last details watch this place for updates and follow this link for the schedule.

Keynote Speakers

Jos and Thijs de Blok

Humanity over Democracy

Keith Ferrazzi

Competing in the New World of Work

Frederic Laloux

Transitioning from Governance to Climate


Timm Urschinger

East Meets West : Looking @ TEAL from Around the World

Spring Cheng

East Meets West : Looking @ TEAL from Around the World

Thijs de Blok

Sustainability and Leadership in Action

Susan Basterfield

East Meets West : Looking @ TEAL from Around the World

Carlos Alvarez Pereira

Sustainability and Leadership in Action

Erin Schrode

Sustainability and Leadership in Action

Yiqing He

East Meets West : Looking @ TEAL from Around the World

Kaye Vitug

Sustainability and Leadership in Action

Eva McLellan

Sustainability and Leadership in Action


Erik Korsvik Østergaard.

Signals from the Future

Dawn Bowens | Jacob Yeager

A Dose of Harmony - Guided Mindfulness Session & Dialogue

Jennie Johansson


Anna Teresa Kopacz

Bring Your Body to Work

Monica Leon

Liberating Structures

Dean Williamson

Thinking in four spaces: Me - you - we - it

Maurice Jonquet van Brunschot


Caitlyn Kohler | Connie Cudnohowski

A Dose of Harmony - Guided Mindfulness Session & Dialogue

Jen Rice

Whole-Mind Leader

Henry Stewart

Liberating Structures



Erik Korsvik Østergaard

Real teal dots in the real orange world

Jia Guo-Bressan

Teal explorations beyond cultural differences across China and Europe

Antoinette Weibel

Transformers Rising! Forging An Alliance to Create the Future of (Good) Work

Daren Wilson

Managing Self-Managing Teams

Yashika Makan-Valab

In the works

Stela Barcelos

Support, Inspire, Progress

Andreas Holmer

Rendanheyi at MAQE in Thailand

Haluk can Hur

Why did I fire the boss?

Timm Urschinger

Turning Teal: Towards a compassionate understanding of others in the workplace

Thierry Muller

The Flower Power in the Digital Age

Lenka Pincot

Innovation by Empowerment: When culture and technology get together

Kent Gregory

Cornfields & healthcare

Carol Ariyibi

Agile and I - a case study of an organization's journey

Shashank Kalra

Reweaving the continuum of Self, Other and Nature in the Organisation Design

Max Hong

Quantum Leadership for Evolutionary Organizations from an Eastern Perspective

Taryn Marie Stejskal

The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People: Why Some flourish when others fold

Tom van der Lubbe

Self-organisation in times of crisis