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Alastair Steward

The Ready


How a Self-Managing Company Evolved Its Governance & Structure


As an org designer, facilitator, advisory, and team coach, Alastair has helped leaders and teams in a variety of organizations work in more adaptive, equitable, meaningful, and human ways. From Fortune 50 enterprises to cutting-edge start-ups to purpose-driven SMBs, Alastair has worked across industries, scales, and business challenges. Alastair is an advocate for the value—business and human—of helping people and systems fulfill their potential. Alastair also stewards (no pun intended!) The Ready’s overall organizational transformation practice. He is based in Salt Lake City.

Session outline

In 2021, The Ready, a self-managing future of work consultancy, moved away from full-group governance to a representative system of governance with a circle structure. Inspired by Sociocracy, Holacracy, Haier’s rendanheyi model, and others, The Ready sought to scale and evolve its governance and structure in a way that embraced the complexity of a self-managing system while also believing that humans are inherently motivated, responsible, and trustworthy. In this session, we will share the key principles and components of our new structure, the challenges we’ve addressed as well as those that have emerged, and the takeaways from our ongoing journey.

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