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Antoinette Weibel

Good Organizations (and University of St. Gallen)

Co-Founder (and full professor)

Transformers Rising! Forging An Alliance to Create the Future of (Good) Work


Antoinette Weibel is a professor for HR, trust researcher and has recently found her passion in the good organisations project and the question "how to operationalize the good in big, fat, difficult corporations"? She is on of the 20 leading HR thinkers in the D-A-CH region, in the board of the Swiss Academy of Social Science and Humanities and seeks to be the "purple dot" in the academic world to make Academia impactful (and listening) again.

Session outline

Our objective is to introduce and discuss a new platform for the systematic transformation of work, building on lessons learned from 18 months of our “Good Organisation” inquiry.
What makes work good?
Why have we failed to make work better?
How can we connect “teal dots in an orange world”, at scale, and create a coalition of the willing?
And how could everybody contribute?

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