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Brooke Ozlem Erol

Purposeful Business, Inc.


Resilience & Adaptability through Purpose


Brooke is an author, speaker and advisor whose vision and purpose is to have a world where people love their work, find meaning in what they do using their gifts. She came from the corporate world working at IBM and few others seeing what went wrong in how we define "work" and started two companies one for individuals, one for organizations to make sure we don't waste any more human lives and potential. She has one book of her own, 5 others where is the co-author. She has spoken to groups of 1000s in big conferences globally about Future of Work. She is a big Teal and Frederic Laloux fan spending the last two decades in the depths of Purpose and Human side of business.

Session outline

Our WHYs makes us human and we all need a better WHY at work - beyond a paycheck:

The journey to find my Why which took me to the other side of the world after quitting my job at IBM; keeping me resilient and adaptive which even led me to my entrepreneurship journey helping people + organizations find their purpose
A collection of stories from organizations that are an inspiration 

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