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Caitlyn Kohler | Connie Cudnohowski

Harmony Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness Consultants

A Dose of Harmony - Guided Mindfulness Session & Dialogue


The Harmony Mindfulness Program is a purpose-driven, self-managing team of passionate Navy Federal employees who deliver mindfulness services across the company. Started in 2019, Harmony's purpose is to help team members enhance their well-being and performance through mindfulness. Harmony's Mindfulness Consultants, who are experienced mindfulness practitioners, provide guided mindfulness sessions, intact-team consulting, and 1x1 coaching for team members.

Session outline

Mindfulness is the practice of attending to your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment with an attitude of curiosity, kindness and compassion. Research shows that mindfulness enhances focus, empathy, stress regulation, and decision-making, among many other well-being and performance benefits. During this session we'll guide you through a mindfulness practice. You will then have the opportunity to share with each other, debrief your experience, and ask questions. So come and get your Harmony on!

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