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Dirk Propfe

ET Group

President and CEO

Onboarding and Reboarding to New Ways of Working: Lessons from the Journey


Dirk Propfe is the CEO of Canadian technology integration company ET Group, where he helps to transform organizations by making hybrid work possible. His people-first mentality is what gives Dirk the passion and strength to help make meaningful change that inspires organizational growth and transformation.

Dirk became deeply interested in TEAL organizations while achieving his Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden in 2016. He has since led ET Group transformation into an organization that sustains itself on the drive and confidence of its team members. He has a keen interest in subjects such as self-management, social and environmental sustainability, and coaching organizations to better enable their teams and leaders to create healthier, more impactful organizations.
Dirk’s determination to help companies reorganize to become happier and healthier places to work, during what has become a major shift to an increasingly hybrid world, is what inspires him to keeping working toward a better world and a brighter future.

Session outline

In the six years since ET Group began shifting to a self-managed organization, the company has grown quickly — doubling in size to nearly 100 team members.

With an increasingly diverse workforce that includes contractors, super-remote team members, legacy employees, and new team members from an acquired company, blind spots and gaps in the onboarding process began to surface. In 2022, the organization had outgrown its current onboarding process and needed to evolve.

To deeply understand the needs of learners, ET Group has taken a human-centered approach to evolve its onboarding and new ways of working learning experiences. The approach includes stakeholder interviews, developing, testing and iterating experiential learning formats, and evolving the ETG Way handbook. Although the transformation is not yet complete, Dirk Propfe will share reflections on the concept of onboarding and ET Group’s learnings from its redesign project so far.

Learn the challenges ET Group has faced onboarding new and old team members to new ways of working, and what they are doing now to help new hires understand and live “the ETG Way”.

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