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Douglas Rauch



Tradies and Teal


Douglas Rauch is this guy now 56, married to Angie for 36 years, father to 3 daughters.
He just loves messing around in & with water; sails, rows, swims, builds boats for fun & also runs an irrigation company in his spare time! Started in 1996 as a one man band - now there are 11 of us working in large scale construction projects in Sydney Australia. Construction in Australia is a tough industry, getting the project finished takes precedence over people's well being - the personal & social cost is shocking. in 2018 Douglas was truly disenfranchised with the high level of stress, disharmony, staff turnover & was looking to exist the industry & find something more fulfilling when a chance conversation lead to the book 'Reinventing Organisations'. From the first reading 4 years ago, (wondering what on earth the book was about) till now, the organisational change has been outrageous. Similarly Douglas has had a personal reinvention exploring; communication through Non Violent methods, Teal in a toxic industry, revitalised relationships...& work has become fun.

Session outline

We have been exploring Reinventing Organisations and Teal over the past few years in our family-run business. Our journey toward Teal in the construction industry, while certainly challenging, has been filled with surprise, unexpected shifts, fun connections and immense joy.

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