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Erik Korsvik Østergaard.

Good Morning April

Co-Founder and Futures Thinker

Signals from the Future


Erik Korsvik Østergaard is Co-Founder and Futures Thinker at Good Morning April, a leadership advisory tribe focusing on Futures Thinking and the Future of Work. Erik’s latest book is titled “Teal Dots in an Orange World”.

Session outline

Signals from the FutureWhat is the future of work?
What trends and signals are there, that affect us?
Do we like the effect?
And most of all, what kind of future do we want?

In this session Erik Korsvik Østergaard, Futures Thinker and Leadership Advisor from Good Morning April, will introduce the nine signals from the future, that they are watching at the moment. These are signals like “The employee takes control of Hybrid Work”, “Extreme localization of cultures”, and “Metaverse at Work”.
The main part of the session is an interactive workshop, where the participants get to rank and sort the signals (in Miro) according to likelihood and likability.
This is a great way to facilitate the knowledge sharing and attitudes to the kind of future that we foresee – or like.

Insight into the nine signals.
Getting familiar with other people’s understanding and expectations.
Learning the tool so that you can use it back home.

Interactive workshop, in Miro.

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