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Frederic Laloux

The Week


Transitioning from Governance to Climate


I live a simple life, spending much time with my young children and with Helene, my wife, working from home and taking walks in the silent presence of trees.

I’m blessed in so many ways, one of which has been the way a book I wrote called “Reinventing Organizations” has resonated with people all over the world and helped accelerate a quiet revolution. It’s quite a privilege to be able do to work that feels soul's work. And that - on top! - this work has found a way to inspire so many other people, is truly a gift of a lifetime.

Session outline

Frederic will share a bit of his personal journey of the last few years and how it’s lead him to create The Week, the climate mobilization project he created with his wife. He will give a behind the scenes look at the social science research that fascinated him and will hopefully help to bring many more people, beyond the already convinced, to the much needed climate mobilization. 

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