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Haluk can Hur

Latro Kimya


Why did I fire the boss?


In his entire life, He has never been happy with the concept of hierarchical management. He was sure that hierarchy did not bring any happiness to people, but also he has never been convinced it was the absolute management style for successful organizations. As a result, he believed in the necessity of transitioning to the “self-management”. And as the start of this change, he fired Latro’s Boss, who was himself, and removed the central power!
While this non-bureaucratic space of freedom allows individuals to enjoy self-discovery and realize themselves freely, the collective management and decision-making mechanism improve the confidence of co-experiencing this journey as a team. This management model removes all obstacles to an individual’s self-expression, inherently extending support in the personal development journey. This structure strongly emphasizes “creativity” and makes “innovation” the most powerful element of its culture.
So, who is he now? A self-fired ex-boss, one of the Explorers of Latro, a person who is freer, happier, more creative, more innovative and a lot more beneficial to the company and to community.
Haluk is Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Public Speaker, Sailor, Kite-Surfer, Snow-Boarder, Single Dad to a beautiful daughter

Session outline

"A Self-Management Story 
What if I say you can run a company without a boss or managers?
What if I say you can grow bigger and faster without Sales Targets?
What if I say you can have higher level of self-control without Hierarchy? 
What if I say you can make more correct decisions without Manager Roles?
What if I say you can move faster together in a more synchronized way without Silos of Departments?
What if I say your people can perform a lot better without Performance Measurements?
What if I say you will have employees with a higher sense of belonging without Working Hours?
What if I say you can turn your employees into entrepreneurs without company goals like KPIs OKRs?
 What if I say I have done it and proved it! "

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