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Juliane Pilster

HDI Global SE

Head of Agile Transformation

Empowerment instead of a training marathon: The slightly different transformation


Juliane Pilster works at HDI Global SE, one of the leading industrial insurance partners, on the Agile Transformation within a scaled environment. Over the last decade, the industrial engineer in the field of electrical engineering occupied different specialist as well as leadership roles in various industry sectors and companies, such as EnBW, Voith Industrial Services, and TRUMPF. Thereby, she learned that the key success factors of an organization are how people collaborate and what environment they are provided to work in. So she decided to make leadership and collaboration as her focus area. And she is convinced that leadership is no longer connected to any job title, but it emerges wherever someone takes over responsibility.

Session outline

You probably know this: agile transformation begins with the selection of a framework (e.g. Scrum or SAFe), then training is carried out and everyone - especially management - hopes that the company is now "agile". In reality, however, everyone works as usual and, apart from a few new terms and additional overhead, not necessarily much has happened.

This is a story about a real agile transformation in the insurance context, in which we made these experiences and then radically changed course: "Empowerment" is the keyword, where the focus is on the development of those involved and Scrum ideas are used for one's own learning. We moved away from an overwhelmed organization towards motivated and committed teams.

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