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Lenka Pincot

Project Management Institute

Chief of Staff

Innovation by Empowerment: When culture and technology get together


Lenka is a senior leader with international experience and proven track record in setting strategic vision and its execution. She excels in driving digital transformations and enhancing organizational agility. Lenka gained multi-industry experience by leading strategic initiatives in banking, manufacturing, distribution and automotive. She has recently accepted a global executive role at Project Management Institute, not-for-profit organization with world-wide coverage that provides education and career growth support for professionals who drive projects, changes and transformation.

She has earned Digital Excellence Diploma from IMD Business School of Switzerland, graduated C-level School organized by European Women in Boards, is Master of Science in Computer Sciences and holds several global certifications in project management, agile practices and business analyses.

Session outline

Given the imperative and speed of digital transformation across the industries, the need for organizational agility and innovation is imminent. Yet at the same time, companies typically have to deal with limited resources and make smart decisions about their future investments.
Can be the answer a democratization of innovation by employee empowerment and use of the right technology? Let’s discuss potential of low-code/no-code platforms as a way out of constraints caused by a traditional wall between business and IT professions.

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