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Maurice Jonquet van Brunschot




Maurice is a senior consultant at atrain. Prior to taking a career turn towards people development, Maurice worked as a management consultant for KPMG and Accenture and as an independent strategy consultant for tech firms in the autonomous robots sector. Driven by a passion for people and wellbeing, Maurice has been receiving formal education in Buddhist studies under the tutelage of monks and nuns of various traditions of Tibetan Buddhism since 2013. He couples his knowledge of eastern psychology and philosophy with a keen understanding of strategy and business processes to bring forward human-centric change to the organizations which he consults. Focusing largely on organizational transformation projects, Maurice designs, delivers and manages projects that involve strategy, agility and design thinking as well as projects that involve deep work, leadership development and personal transformation

Session outline

In this short 30 min session, we will relax and connect with ourselves by using different techniques borrowed from both Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. This sequence will help us sit comfortably with emotions that naturally rise and disappear in the mind, introducing us to different tools that we can use to improve our relationship with our thoughts and emotions, helping us practice wholeness from an authentic and empowered place.

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