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Max Hong

Quantum Leadership for Evolutionary Organizations from an Eastern Perspective


Max Hong is an innovative leader in Quantum Leadership and Evolutionary Organization study and practice.
His career has spanned companies such as IBM, Acer, Tencent, Foxconn, and several global 500 companies as an executive. His footprints have covered Taiwan, US, Latin America, and Mainland China over decades. Combining the wisdom gained from years of practicing Zen, Yoga, and Mindfulness, and his business acumen, he has developed a very holistic perspective on how we could integrate Eastern and Western business paradigms and social culture.
Through his two well-selling books “Quantum Leadership — Non-Authority based Influence” in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, and leading countless executive education programs in China, he has successfully developed thousands of executives as “Quantum Leaders” in China, turning many companies and organizations into Quantum Organizations.

Session outline

In this Event, Max will share:

- How Quantum physics can help us upgrade our Human Operating System
- How powerful we all could be, when we integrate Eastern and Western common ground
- China experience in implementing Quantum Leadership in individual and organizational evolution

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