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Monica Leon

Nurturing Choicefulness

Liberating Structures


As an experienced OD practitioner, facilitator, and executive coach, Monica believes in tapping into the collective wisdom to co-create. A strategic thinker by nature, she specializes in sticky issues, complex systems, and innovative work practices that intertwine vertical development and achieve sustainable outcomes at multiple levels of scale. Monica holds a BS with honours in Economics and International Studies from Wilson College, an MBA with distinction from UFSIA, Belgium, and a Master of Science in Organisation Development from Pepperdine University, USA. She is working on her PCC ICF Coach and has been a certified Senior and Global Professional in Human Resources (SPHR & GPHR) from 2008 to 2022. She is also a Human Systems Dynamics Associate (HSPD) and co-creator of HSD Essentials. Monica is the founder of Nurturing Choicefulness (

Monica collaborated with Keith McCandless, LS co-creator, to bring Liberating Structures to New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile & Peru.

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