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Otti Vogt

Good Organizations


Transformers Rising! Forging An Alliance to Create the Future of (Good) Work


Disruptive thinker, amateur poet, unacknowledged internet entrepreneur and passionate global C-level transformation leader with over 20 years of experience in implementing strategic business change in multi-cultural, complex organisations and in building global high performing teams to deliver sustainable shareholder value and happiness@work. Proven track record in P&L management, business transformation and M&A, service and technology operations, innovation and product management, risk and control management, outsourcing. Qualified leadership coach.

Session outline

Our objective is to introduce and discuss a new platform for the systematic transformation of work, building on lessons learned from 18 months of our “Good Organisation” inquiry.

What makes work good?
Why have we failed to make work better?
How can we connect “teal dots in an orange world”, at scale, and create a coalition of the willing?
And how could everybody contribute?

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