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Patrycja Riera



Radical Inclusion


Patrycja is an inclusion advisor, facilitator, researcher, and strategist. She founded Inclusionem in 2020 after identifying the need to create a felt and measurable experience of inclusion. She evolved into the role after more than 18 years of corporate and senior leadership development consulting experience. Her focus is on inclusion data and analysis used to build inclusive organizations that are fit for humans and fit for the future. She is an Associate Professor at IE Business School teaching subjects related to Diverts & inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, and an academic Program Director for Women in leadership Programs.

Session outline

What does it take to build a human-centric organization, where inclusion is not just a buzzword, but the organization is well designed, strategy created and the leaders bring the brilliance out of their people and solve global problems?
Old business models, designs, processes, and behaviors no longer work. But most organizations are still afraid of radical change to create organizations that are fit for humans and the future. Inclusive organizations are organizations that don’t just add diversity and emphasize equity. Inclusive organizations are radical in their design and structures, and their behaviors unleash human potential.

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