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Rebecca Roberts

Inner Architecture


Constructing Inner Stability for Outer Connectivity


Rebecca Roberts is a mindset coach and storytelling consultant who's background in interior architecture and workplace-culture strategy has given her a unique perspective into individual and collective transformation. She specialises in exploring the inner narratives that shape our behaviour, wellbeing and performance, both singularly and collectively. Through her work of "Inner Architecture," Rebecca works with small businesses, teams and individuals to reframe their stories and free their minds to boost confidence and mental ease, resulting in more meaningful impact and deeper connections.

Session outline

Increased awareness on how we are co-creating our environment through the agent/arena concept. 3 tools/strategies for boosting individual agency and self-trust to create an upward spiral of meaningful connection within the workplace.

~ We are in the midst of a Connection Crisis, and most of us are searching in all the wrong places.

~ Business success (and life) is fundamentally linked to our ability to relate. Often we forget about the most primary relationship, which is learning to relate with ourselves. (Especially in the career arena)

~ Exploring the Agent:Arena relationship as starting point for stability and self-trust in connection
How our agency (personal identity and ability to influence) and our arena (outer space) are co-creating one another.
Three key tools/strategies:
- Mental Compass Calibration - Orientation
- Space Making - Zooming Out
- Own Your Attention - Navigating the Arena

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