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Shashank Kalra

Youth Alliance


Reweaving the continuum of Self, Other and Nature in the Organisation Design


Shashank has reverence for nature and the spirit that pervades us all. He leads Youth Alliance, a non-profit organisation and a pan-India community of young people. They envision a world where each one lives and leads towards harmony with self, other and nature. Shashank and his team have been engaged in creating transformative leadership journeys for the last 11 years. They have an engaged alumni community of 750+ people of which over 300 of them are working towards social change. He is an Acumen India Fellow, Bhoomi Senior Fellow and ITRI Visionary Youth Awardee. He is also on the board of Indian School of Democracy and Etikala Organic Food Pvt Ltd. Farming, Yoga, cooking and reading connects him to his essence. Shashank considers cultivating maitri (noble friendships) as a very important purpose of his life.

Session outline

The story of living love as a practice in an India-based non-profit organisation called Youth Alliance. Our search has been one of creating transformative immersive experiences for young people in India enabling them to embark on a practice of reconnecting with self, each other and nature. The work has been nurturing a life-long community disrupting structures that no longer serve us. 'How does one design for an emergence of an ever-expanding structure of belonging and practice of living?' is a question we seek to co-sense into with you.

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