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Simona Liguoro


Human Resources Director

Nespresso: a journey to introduce self-organization in a large organization.


Simona Liguoro is Human Resources Director at Nespresso Italiana. After a degree in Law at the State University of Milan and an MBA in ""Organization and Personnel” at Bocconi, she begins her career first in business and then in HR functions with positions of increasing responsibilities in different companies in terms of sector and size. In 2015 she arrived in Nespresso Italiana, part of the multinational company of the Nestlé Group and present in Italy with more than 850 people and over 70 Boutiques.
Simona has accompanied the company in a great transformation process introducing, among others, important projects aimed at spreading the culture of inclusion and gender equality and self-organization. She believes strongly in the importance of an open and fair working environment for the success of the business.

Session outline

In recent decades, large organizations have witnessed increasing complexity, disruption in the economic and social context, and the raise of internal dysfunctional dynamics that have impacted negatively on people, and on both organizational performance and the ability to innovate and change.

The attitude toward innovation and the inclination to welcome change, led the Nespresso Italia HR team to approach self-organization to improve agility, autonomy, collaboration, and accountability of the team. The success of this pilot program led the company to extend the principles and practices of self-organization to the rest of the company.

In this session participants will:

- Why Nespresso chose to implement the AEquacy philosophy and operating system.

- Learn how a large organization has approached self-organization and the challenge to support a mindset & behavior transformation;

- Appreciate the different emotional and behavioral journey employees went through as their accountability became increasingly transparent.

- Appreciate the results of the shift to self-organization.

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