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Stela Barcelos

Galapagos team

Co-Founder - People & Culture & Change

Support, Inspire, Progress


Stela is driven by a deep curiosity about people from different cultures, fuelling and giving life to positive and innovative ideas and architecting impactful transformation. Her strength comes from thinking change systemically, igniting energy in people, inspiring meaningful connections and creating an exciting change journey for all.

With 20 years of experience in senior HR roles in organisations such as Unilever and Diageo, has partnered individuals, teams and organisations in multicultural environments across the Americas, Asia and Europe and focused on developing leadership, building (virtual and co-located) high-performing teams and leading change at scale in complex environments.

Stela has pivoted her career to put skills and experiences at the service of various organisations and individuals committed to accelerating positive impact. She has dedicated her time to coaching CEOs, their C Suites and senior executives to lead a thriving organisation.

Session outline

How having a clear purpose for our company and our people, together with investing ahead in strengthening leadership, fostering an empowering environment and constantly building new skills, came together successfully in a time of significant change - enabling a successful transition for a Food services company during the pandemic and creating a wonderful experience for the HR team.

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