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Susan Basterfield



East Meets West : Looking @ TEAL from Around the World


Basterfield is a catalyst and convenor who believes that awareness and discernment can unblock drains and move mountains. From 35+ years in business--spanning global multinationals, startups and schools--arose experiences that, at first unconsciously and now quite consciously, drive her work as a systems transformation partner. Plainly speaking, she believes in getting real about what’s happening and naming it--because when we name it, we create the choice to change it. Her work includes standing shoulder to shoulder with leaders and organisations on their transformational journeys, often over many years, and convening virtual development programs, including the Practical Self Management Intensive. Basterfield is an educator, coach, facilitator, writer and collective entrepreneur. Obsessed with building the capacity to build capacity, she seeks-out that which is life-giving, dances with complexity, and weeds-out constraints to potential. Basterfield practices with Greaterthan, Better Work Together and Enspiral and was a guest faculty member at Bennington for Fall 2020.

Session outline

— A Truly Global Dialogue on Wholeness, Autonomy and Purpose

Susan Basterfield from Enspiral & Greaterthan, New Zealand
Timm Urschinger, from LiveSciences AG, Germany
Dr. Spring Cheng, from Resonance Path Institute in the US
Yiqing He, from the Evolutionary Organization Alliance, China

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