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Susanne Palsten Buchardt


Vice President in Agriculture & Industrial Biosolution unit

Real teal dots in the real orange world


Susanne Palsten Buchardt is Vice President at Novozymes in the Agriculture & Industrial Biosolution
unit. With a keen interest in both people and technology, her progressive approach to New Ways of
Working is an inspiration to many, both employees and peer leaders at work.

Session outline

What does a transformation journey look like for a business unit in a corporate world? What are the
learnings from practical application, the translation from principles to practices, and the friction with
the interface to the rest of the organization?
In this session we will share real-life experiences from engagements with Teal and New Ways of
Working inside large, corporate organizations.
Specifically, we will dive into the learnings at Novozymes, a world-leading biotech company
headquartered in Denmark, where they have experimented with Agile, Teal, self-leadership,
Holacracy for almost five years.

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