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Timm Urschinger

LIVEsciences AG

Co-Founder and CEO

Turning Teal: Towards a compassionate understanding of others in the workplace


Timm is the co-founder of LIVEsciences, a radically self-organized company, that walks the talk. This move was inspired by his experiences working on change programmes, Organizational Design and Execution and consultancy for big corporations such as Roche Pharma, among others.
As Agility have become mainstream, Timm and the team at LIVEsciences are on a mission to unleash the potential of people through Self-Organization and New Ways of Working.
Timm is also the co-founder of LIVEventures, a venture capital firm investing in the Medical Devices Industry – unleashing the potential of people in another way.

Session outline

Trust and Autonomy.

Cohabitating in an organization  where no “leaders” are superior, yet everyone is taking on a leadership role.

LIVEsciences is a team of purpose-driven individuals, passionate about unleashing people’s potential, by liberating them from limiting structures and processes.

We built this foundation through trust. Transparently sharing everything, free to address ‘tensions’ and leaning towards wholeness.

Let’s discover together The Foundation of Teal, The Thresholds to Teal and how to make your own move. Start with yourself, connect with others and keep flowing. 

It’s about finding yourself, focusing on the journey and not the destination while staying realistic of current organizational, legal and societal boundaries.

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