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Tom van der Lubbe



Self-organisation in times of crisis


Tom is the Co-Founder of Viisi NV, a Dutch financial service company that offers mortgage solutions for highly educated customers.

Besides building Viisi, Tom also acts as an advisor to CxOs, mainly on topics of organizational design, purpose and leadership.

Tom studied history, law and politics in Leiden in The Netherlands, at Sciences Po in Paris and at the Free University in Berlin.

And a more personal introduction:

I see myself as a „Entrepreneur - Philosopher“, I believe we should read more philosophy and less management literature.

My life theme is ‘Memento Mori’.

My mission: I believe we should leave the world in a better shape than it was when we were born.

I experienced that life can be very short, when I had cancer when I was 20 and had a chance of 20% of survival as the cancer had spread. So I want to spend my time on things that matter. No bullshit.

I believe in a "why" of individuals and organisations. The purpose of business is - IMHO - not business, the purpose of business is PURPOSE. The "why" is the motivational engine that gives fulfillment in what we do, in business, in society and in everyone‘s Individual life.

Session outline

I would dive into the 10 "Less is More" principles at Viisi and show how we adjust them in times of crisis.

Example: First principle; "No bosses, but "primus inter pares". Normally we have the principle: "Rotation OVER Experience", in times of crisis this changes to: "Experience OVER Rotation"

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