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Tyler Williams

Redemption Society

Head of US Therapeutic Communities

A Fungineer's Journey in Self Organization and Market Based Dynamics


Tyler recently resigned as Director of Brand Experience after a 12 year career at the experiential e-commerce giant that revolutionized company culture, self-organization, and market based dynamics rooted in TEAL and Spiral Dynamics philosophy. Tyler helped communicate, strategize, and implement many managerial science experiments under Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Tyler's career was truly unique and went from Customer Loyalty Team, to New Hire Trainer, Jr. Project Manager, Fungineer (A title Tyler invented for himself), Head of Brand Aura, to Director of Brand Experience.

Tyler's contributions to Zappos over the years included delivering WOW to employees, community, and customers through engaging programs, unique events, and philanthropic endeavors. Specializing in creating inspirational moments that foster connection, increase engagement, and help educate. Tyler's mission has been to support a strong culture of authentic belonging, and enrichment of everyone's life that has been impacted by his work.

Tyler's recent decision to leave Zappos was to pursue his own passions in the realm of Therapeutic communities that specialize in healing the cycles of addiction triggered by socio economic conditions and deep rooted emotional and mental health trauma. Leveraging the Whole Human curriculum to move people along the socio-economic (TEAL) funnel towards self transcendence.

Session outline

Tyler will share his unique journey and experience at where he was exposed to, and helped drive some of the worlds largest practical experiments in Managerial Science which included fostering one of the world's most admired company cultures, adopting and helping roll out a self organizational governance platform called Holacracy, layering on a radical experiment called Market Based Dynamics. Tyler will speak about the experience in an authentic and honest way, giving practical advice on what worked, didn't work, and what insights are yet to be uncovered.

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