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Yashika Makan-Valab

MiWay Insurance Limited

Agile Coach / Scrum Master

In the works


Yashika is a young professional that has recently begun her Agile journey. Before going into Agile, she graduated with a Degree in Fashion and was a retail buyer for a well established and beloved South African Retail Megahouse for 6 years.
She is currently an Agile coach for a South African insurance company, but started her Agile journey at the start of 2021 through a small start up, which then gave her way to her current position and has been using the Agile ways ever since.
She is always eager to learn and pursue new ways of incorporating Agile and Teal in her workplace as well as in her personal capacity.

Session outline

This talk is about Yashika’s journey into the Agile world. During Covid-19, she embraced a new career path by moving from the retail industry into the IT one. She discusses how she got here, her first interactions, her learnings, her view on Agile in today’s world, and how she now uses it in her daily life. This talk is about her individual views from the outside looking in as she continues to navigate through.

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