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Zoltan Danko

OTP Bank

Head of the Distributed Systems Development Team

Future-proof organization in the bank practice


In recent years Zoltan has realized one can provide practical work at any company if one can find meaning in whatever one does. People start to revolt if they do tedious work without freedom. However, after they get the freedom, some complaint about the responsibility. So Zoltan thinks he is best off with colleagues who have grown up and are conscious enough to enjoy freedom.

Session outline

Only people can make an organization future-proof. I will tell you about our pluralistic methodology applied in a bank: open mind - open source - open culture. Openness starts and ends in the personality. Our journey surprised us with the expected results with the developed systems: Planned downtime: 0. Unplanned downtime: 0. License cost: 0. Our experiences also taught us why this nirvana needs more effort than expected.

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