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Do you yearn for more examples of how companies are implementing “Teal” ways of working, from across the world?

Are you trying to make that move into Teal, and looking for more stories to help you visualize possible next steps?

Do you wish that you could capture the insights shared at Teal Around the World into one easy-to-read collection?


Adventures in Reinventing Work:
Tales of Pioneers from Around the World

Adventures in Reinventing work_2.png

Inspired by the 2021 Teal Around the World festival, a self-organized group of volunteers including 11 writers and 14 storytellers came together and worked for many months conducting interviews, writing, and co-creating, to bring this book of stories to you and to the benefit of our collective purpose – to create a sustainable, prosperous future that empowers and uplifts everyone.


This book explores the personal journeys of ordinary people who are choosing to create our future. They have no easy models to follow from our past. They are trying to fix the unfixable. They are paving new paths for us to create a sustainable, prosperous, future that empowers and uplifts all of humanity.


This is a book about real personal struggles for answers, explorers who are knee deep in muddy terrains, navigating their way, falling down all the time, and never failing to rise back up. It is a book of hope. It provides guideposts to help us navigate our journey and gives us inspiration to be as brave and bold as we need to be, to reinvent our future.

There are three sections to the book.


Section 1 includes stories about evolving existing organizations.


Section 2 explores how pioneers and inventing new ones.


Section 3 dives into pioneers who using Teal principals to create systemic and structural changes in society.

Included in this book are stories from

  • Viisi and Tom van der Lubbe (Netherlands)

  • Roche and Lara Bezerra (India & Venezuela)

  • Semco, Ten Pines, and Jorge Silva (Argentina)

  • Bayer and Itziar Canamasas (Switzerland)

  • Ultipa and Monica Liu (China)

  • LIVEsciences and Timm Urshinger (Switzerland)

  • Kanpai and Guilherme Xavier (Brazil)

  • Youthology and Lisa Li (China)

  • SecondMuse and Todd Khozein (USA)

  • Social Innovation Academy and Etienne Salborn (Uganda)

  • Natural Organizations Lab and Shiro Yoshihara (Japan)

  • Eve List and Sophie Le Rey (Dubai and France)

  • One Planet Group and Payam Zamanı (USA)

  • Leadership Transformation and Otti Vogt (Netherlands)


In recent years, ever more people around the world feel the need to reinvent the way we are managing organizations - and then get going! These pioneers experiment with radically new ways of working that make not only for a better place to work, but offer a promise of a better way to be human and to deal with the living world.

To show us that this is possible, and break through the cynicism that might hold us back, nothing beats case examples from real life. This book shares fourteen stories of people and organizations who chose to leave the beaten path. I hope it will give you inspiration and guidance if you feel called to create your own path to a more life-giving future for humanity.



Frederic Laloux

Author of Reinventing


Are you ready to explore the edges where people are creating a more innovative future that utilizes the capacity of everyone?


Come learn how you can build more resilient and prosperous organizations and help promote a sustainable future for humanity and the planet we call home.

This book would love for you to gift it to:


  • Your friends and colleagues you’ve been sharing your dreams and discontents with, about your business or work

  • Your boss, manager, supervisor, or friendly local CEO you think might be receptive to hearing these stories

  • Your favorite library’s electronic books collection"

Thank you to our self-organized team of volunteer writers including:


Our Producing Authors:

Natasha Naderi, Betsy Sheppard, Alia Aurami and Philip Atkinson


And our Contributing Authors:

Jorim Hotley-Weber, Langdon Miller, Svetoslava Stoyanova, Sarah Toogood, Zlatina Tsvetkova, Cecilia Yeung, and Cherry Zhu.

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