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Well organized event with inspiring speakers. Excellent way to exchange practices around the world.



I'm still buzzing. I'm new to the Teal world and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of speakers and willingness to share case studies. I would gladly attend again. The support staff were amazing and easily led me to where I needed to go and quickly addressed questions. This was my first virtual conference and enjoyed the platform. The only improvement I would mention would be greater diversity, especially Black and Hispanic voices. You may want to also consider adding an Africa track next year as it felt that continent was left out completely.



Warm-hearted thank you to an amazing job everyone did at Teal Around The World. As a facilitator and participant, I felt cared for, supported, and inspired.



I loved the sharing of the speakers as I did the openness and sharing of fellow participants, a truly powerful experience. Huge thanks to the whole TEAL around the world team - Jonas Wolf (Beijing, China)



Was pretty awesome (I'm still in for Wave 2 and maybe a bit fo Wave 3). Room organisation was not always easy (definitely harder than in a real physical space) but I think you made a marvellous job. For next time, I'd love to see a place where people can just drop their digital profile - not only a LinkedIn profile (e.g. email. phone, slack, whatever they have). Thx again!



Speakers, Participants and organization was just amazing. Lots of wholehearted, honest and very valuable experience sharing and inspiration. Thanks to everyone involved :)



To make a long story short: I found my WHY! What an amazing experience, to get to know all these community, really working and aiming for a better world. Well done!



Already gave a feedback after wave one. Have to give another one. This was amazing. So much quality talks, so many inspiring people, smiles and passion everywhere. Thank you for making this happen.



Best organised virtual conference I have attended. Navigation between rooms was a breeze with the one-click entries you created. Great organisation with helping to get oriented just like in a real conference. I even forgot I was at home :) Keep up the good work.