TATW 2022 - a look back


Let’s reimagine the world anew with a fresh sense of expectation. How do we bring a sense of magic and wonder into work and society in general? 

Join us at #TATW2022

On March 3-4 2022 it's gonna happen again! The story of Teal Around The World evolves. This year, we’re going on a journey from the inner world to the outer world, and even the outer limits. We are digging in and expanding the horizon. Join pioneers from around the globe as we explore what transforming work at every level of society actually looks like.


Explore, engage and shape a human-centric future with people from across the globe during this 24+ hours event.

Toni the Bee will be on your side to explore not only the keynotes and discussions, but also guide you to wonderful moments of connection and community fun. Stay curious! 

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 This year, you can choose between 3 different experiences to explore the Teal World.


Since we all know that Teal can’t be confined to a simple office space, and it’s about a deeper level of consciousness; we wanted to expand our conversations beyond work.   

Which one ist best for you?

Organizational Experience 
Is best for managers, HR employees and leadership. It focuses on how to move your company forward in the teal way. 

Personal Experience 
For everyone who wants to use teal in his or her own world. We know that Teal doesn't just live inside office walls. It lives in what you choose to embody, how you build your relationships, build your home, and so much more. If this pings then the Personal track is right f