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Is TATW For You?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

· Are you tired of workplaces that are consumed with politics and one-upmanship?

· Do you feel certain that there is a better way to build our future organizations and yearn to gain a clearer view of what that is?

· Are you pioneering new ways of working and want to find a community that can support you in your efforts?

If so, this event is for you!

The purpose of Teal Around the World is to share stories, deepen community, and advance organizations that are operating from a higher level of consciousness. These organizations tend to operate with practices that support self-management, evolutionary purpose, and wholeness.

A workplace revolution is currently under way and it is showing up with many different names – Humanocracy, Conscious Capitalism, Teal, Agile, Rendenhayi, and many more. All of these movements are working towards shifting organizations to a place where:

· Everyone is powerful and can take ownership of their work.

· Greater value is created through creating teams that are agile, entrepreneurial, and innovative.

· Organizations are characterized by greater justice and equity in distribution of wealth.

· Organizations carry a greater responsibility to social and collective welfare.

We are here to help this collective evolution of the workplace reach the tipping point. Will you join us?

Connect with us on LinkedIn: The Teal Network

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