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East Meets West : Looking @ TEAL from Around the World


— A Truly Global Dialogue on Wholeness, Autonomy and Purpose


  • Susan Basterfield from Enspiral & Greaterthan, New Zealand

  • Timm Urschinger, from LiveSciences AG, Germany

  • Dr. Spring Cheng, from Resonance Path Institute in the US

  • Yiqing He, from the Evolutionary Organization Alliance, China

How does the Teal Journey look different from an Eastern vs. Western perspective?
And what can we learn from each other, East & West, North & South, as a global family?
What's the purpose of having an authentic global dialogue on topics such as wholeness, autonomy and purpose?
Where does this Journey ultimately lead us?

With four deeply insightful speakers coming from four corners around the world, this year TATW brings a truly global dialogue to you on the TEALjourney, diving deep into how topics such as Wholeness, Autonomy and Purpose can be experienced differently from different cultural -perspectives, and how much we can actually learn from both our differences and similarities, discovering our shared humanity beneath it all.

This panel will be brought to you by Bianca Yin, from TATW China Team.

Sustainability and Leadership in Action


The panel is about  living the concepts of leading organizations daily,  the need to change the leadership scorecard (how we select, measure, and reward leaders) and normalize the language of leadership to achieve leadership excellence.


We are looking for positive models of sustainable leadership, in action - because it exists in both men and women.  It is clear that a new model is emerging that can have a remarkable impact globally.

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