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Anna Teresa Kopacz

with Intention Studio


Bring Your Body to Work


Anna is a connection weaver - between people and their shared opportunities for expansion, between individuals and their purposes, between the known and unknown of creation, between the mind, heart and body, between the physical, emotional and energetic. Her current work came at a crossroad of her career, when abandoning her own sense of body awareness, numbing all emotions (good and bad) resulted in a psychological and physical burnout. Anna began to look inwards for the answers that no-one in here environment seem to have. How can I bring my body to work? How can emotions, sensations, and intelligence of the body have a conscious space in our daily interactions, ways of working together and transformation? How can I express my authenticity by embodying all of myself? From which 'with Intention Studio' was born. An organization that creates the conditions for individuals and team to answers those questions together and surface the level of wisdom that has been suppressed in our work environments by over valuing the power of the mind and diminish the rest of the body. Through individual embodiment coaching somatic practices, workshops and retreats, individuals and groups are invited to reestablish their relationship with their body and the vitality of life that nourishes from within.

Session outline

In between the deep love and urgency we have for planet earth at this given moment, there is a gap. A gap that encompasses our whole body in the experience. Moves into the WHOLENESS of the experience.

How do you experience the love of nature in your daily life? 
How do you experience and move with and through the urgency, pressure of all that we must do as climate change impacts our very essence?
How do you breathe the awareness of your own grief and anger that shows up as this work weaves in death, collapse, desperation ...?

The wisdom of our body is at the very foundation of experiencing what we are so longing to save and capture. 
The wisdom of our body is also at the very foundation of the access to creative and holistic solutions to save and capture. 
The physiology, the sensations, the emotions, the energetics, the inner knowing felt through the body.

In this session, come to experience your body back in the work of wholeness and evolutionary purpose. 
-> somatic practices that revive your body awareness
-> learn to acknowledge and move through difficult emotions 
-> feel the impact when your whole body is present and your mind has room to observe and create rather than record and store 
-> bring conscious embodiment to your teams and weave it into your regular forms of gathering  
(Feel free to shorten if needed)

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