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Bianca Yin

Cross-cultural Leadership and Organizational Coach

Teal explorations beyond cultural differences across China and Europe


Bianca has a Chinese cultural heritage, and was originally born in Berlin, Germany, and has spent most of her life across China, Europe and North America.
Besides a very cross-cultural life journey, her career has also been very cross-disciplinary. She first started her career as a Biomedical Scientist, and then went on to become a Strategy Consultant at a fast-growing Chinese Internet Unicorn, eventually finding her true passion and living her purpose fully as a Leadership and Organizational Coach. She is passionate about catalyzing deep transformations and bringing about profound change for individuals, organizations and the society.
She is also extremely passionate about bridging the East and West, leading to a truly global and integral understanding of humanity and the collective Teal Journey.

Bachelor in Biochemistry at Technical University Munich
Master in Biomedical Science at Columbia University

Session outline

In this session, Jia & Bianca will share with you their insights, comprehensions from over many decades of life & business experience across China and Europe, and what enables true success & impact in a complex environment between the East and West, and how the desire for Teal goes beyond our cultural differences.

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