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Bryan Peters

Co-founder & Designer

Challenges observed in the DAOs and the seedlings of Teal and potential ways to nurture them?


Bryan Peters is a co-founder at, an app that helps blockchain-native organizations (aka. DAOs) visualize and manage their organizational structures. His work is guided by the question: How might we transform 'The Future of Work' into 'The Future of Play?' Along the way, this quest has generated many lived experiences at the intersection of human collaboration networks and decentralized technologies like the Ethereum blockchain. The journey started at ConsenSys after the ETHWaterloo hackathon in 2017 and more recently included early-stage contributions across multiple DAOs such as BanklessDAO, CityDAO, PolygonDAO, and ReputableDAO.

Session outline

DAOs intrinsically setup the 3 conditions that Laloux outlines for Teal (Self-Management is assumed, Evolutionary Purpose is baked in, and psuedonymity fosters an interesting way that wholeness can emerge).

When you have these 3 pre-conditions, magical things can happen very quickly. I'd like to cover those with specific examples.

And when you scale these Teal-ish based DAOs very quickly with only these preconditions, many shadow sides can emerge. Some of which will be very familiar to Teal practitioners, some some of which will be new.

I'd like to explore where DAOs can benefit and deepen Teal knowledge and vice versa and what would be possible if these two concepts become more deeply intertwined.

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