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Daren Wilson

Roche Slovakia

General Manager

Managing Self-Managing Teams


Daren Wilson is a global healthcare leader with extensive hands-on experience in leading organizations through agile transformation. For the last 3 years, Daren has led Roche Slovakia through various evolutions of transformation and contributed towards the design of the global commercial operating model of the Roche Pharmaceutical organization. He offers practical insights into shaping culture and mindset throughout the transformation journey, including addressing set-backs and restarts. He also shares the benefits of transformation and the positive impact of creating a purpose-driven, innovative organization.

Session outline

Self-managing teams are the utopia of TEAL transformation: empowerment, purpose-driven, innovation, freedom to experiment and accountability for outcomes. What happens when you have people issues, poor performance and consensus-driven decision-making in these teams? This talk will share some common pitfalls self-managing teams encounter and some strategies to get harmony and performance back into the team.

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