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Doug Kirkpatrick

D'Artagnan Advisors


Greatness: The Final Frontier


In 2008, I co-founded the Morning Star Self-Management Institute, with the mission of promoting organizational self-management principles through education, tools and practices.

As a co-founder of organizational transformation collective Vibrancy and founder of D'Artagnan Advisors, I now work with leaders around the world to create better workplaces. As a TEDx and ForbesSpeaker, I also share the message of organizational innovation through my blog at and Amazon bestsellers BEYOND EMPOWERMENT, FROM HIERARCHY TO HIGH PERFORMANCE, and THE NO-LIMITS ENTERPRISE (ForbesBooks). Gartner Research Director Mark McGregor wrote that “Doug is a leading expert in the field of organizational design.”

I also work with Open Leadership Network, Semco Style Institute, Great Work Cultures, People-Centric Organizations, Responsive, Business Agility Institute, Radicals and other vibrant communities and leadership incubators to co-create the organizations of the future.

Session outline

The Leadership Industrial Complex has pushed organizations around the world to spend over $400 billion USD annually on leadership training and development, raising myriad questions. What is the return on that investment, exactly? What is the purpose of leadership in work and in life? How can great organizations embed leadership in every product and service? It’s time for the healing power of philosophy to penetrate the workplace and resolve those questions, particularly in times of wrenching technological and social change. Courageous and ethical leadership is a path to greatness, an inherent good. Simple, timeless and powerful principles make it possible for anyone to elevate their vision above the ordinary to become a self-managed, extraordinary leader.

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