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Fanny Norlin

Teal, Source, and Dancing with Masculine and Feminine Leadership


Session outline

A fireside chat between Tom Nixon (author of Work with Source and founder of Maptio) and Fanny Norlin (seasoned business leader and expert practitioner in feminine leadership). They'll tell the story of how their journeys in two different countries came together to go beyond the Teal paradigm to create a new understanding and approach to realizing big ideas in the world. Fanny will offer a big upgrade from the old dichotomy between masculinity and femininity to a juicy, powerful new paradigm of leadership and collaboration, weaving in Tom's perspective on the 'role of source' based on Peter Koenig's seminal research. Going beyond theory they'll give you a glimpse of what it's like to put all of this to work in dynamic, modern workplaces to make big, purposeful ideas a reality.

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