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Kelly Hall & Team

Covestro Niaga B.V.

Managing Director

Evolution & Elevation: 4th Year in a Self-Organized Structure


Kelly Hall is the Managing Director of Covestro Niaga B.V., a purpose-driven and self-directed organization trying to create a world without waste. In all of the leadership roles Kelly has held in the past 15 years, she promises the work will happen "With You and not To You." With this commitment to inclusion, enrollment and empowerment the teams led by Kelly have very high retention rates and the teams who stick together deliver again & again. She is passionate about high trust, healthy living, well being and creating win-win-win outcomes through partnership. In her free time, you'll find Kelly enjoying a great coffee with a great friend, making memories with her young adult children or searching restaurant menus for creative plant-based options.

Session outline

The Niaga team adopted a self-organized team structure at the end of 2018. Over the years they’ve seen many highs, lows, twists and turns – learning and adapting along the way. Through a corporate restructure, an ownership change and COVID the team has stuck together and continuously adapted ways of working. Join this session to discuss the journey and share learnings two ways! (feel free to edit as per Kelly)

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