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Mauricio Campos Suarez

Inner Development Goals Switzerland


Finding purpose in 'The Purpose': Adult Development & sustainability


Mauricio (Mauri) specializes in connecting people and organizations to support their 'outer' transformation as Engineer, MBA & Digital Innovation expert & their 'inner' growth as Professional/Team Coach and Yoga/Mindfulness Instructor.

He brings a multi-faceted background with 20+ years experience in Pharma & Healthcare & 10+ years coaching experience working in the development of organizations, leaders & teams

Mauri is a Father, Engineer, Executive MBA, ICF & EMCC Certified Professional & Senior Team Coach and Mindfulness & Yoga instructor.

He was born in the pre-Internet Era in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and he discovered his passion for technology early in life being involved in the early research in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. With the year 2KY problem, he had the chance to start working at a young age in what he loved and he discovered his other passion for Pharma industry with one of his first jobs. Shortly after completing his Systems Engineering Major in 2003, he started travelling around the World. He finally settled in Madrid in 2005 with his wife and he continued developing his carreer in Pharma sector across several countries in Europe and Middle East&Africa working for Pfizer, MSD & Novartis.

In his more than 20 years of corporate experience he developed his passion for Leadership & Teams development and got certified as professional coach and senior team Coach. He graduated from IE University Global Executive MBA in 2017.
In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and practicing yoga&meditation.

Session outline

Having a goal is important and necessary but not enough. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a clear set of goals for a sustainable world by 2030. The 17 goals cover a wide range of issues and created a vision of what needs to happen, but progress along this vision has so far been disappointing. Our old knowledge and general understanding of the world do not provide sufficient answers anymore. Still, most of our efforts towards achieving these goals has been mainly through ‘horizontal’ development, new tools, technology, and knowledge.
During this conversation we’d like to explore a different perspective, our inner development. We’d like to invite you in a journey into our individual and collective ‘vertical’ development and to discover adult development as a necessary and critical enabler for SDGs.
Some of the open questions we are inviting to the conversation are: Can we find purpose beyond our individual ‘purpose’ to embrace our development to make meaning of the world around us? Could this help to reduce the collective frustration towards sustainability that led to more authoritarian ideologies and societal polarization?
To find our own answers, we would like to invite you to play with the idea of human development and embodiment of purpose as an enabler to upgrade our meaning making to match the complexity of the world we are creating. We are planning to take a journey back in time with indigenous stories and metaphors, to explore the wisdom of our premodern & modern worldviews and to discuss what does it mean to embody a post-conventional stage of development and how it can help us to match the complexity of the problems we need to solve. This will be an interactive experience, a safe space for different voices and opinions to be listen and to bring opposite & complementary perspectives to create new insights.

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