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Patrick Fransen

Pebble Wave


How can entrepreneurs and investors create massive positive impact on society without compromising on their personal life or sacrificing the company's profitability?


For 35 years Patrick specialised in not being himself, which was quite a painful experience. This resulted in, among others, a national windsurf championship, an engineering degree, building a management consulting company and selling it to a multinational for a multi-million amount. Despite these perceived successes he remained burdened with an unfulfilled, empty feeling. The insight that he was pursuing an outside illusion instead of the authentic purpose that is running through himself, made him shift radically to a conscious, purpose driven mission to create a business world where everyone can be 100% themselves, where entrepreneurs create massive positive impact on society without sacrificing on their personal life nor on company profitability. At Patrick and his team are creating an ecosystem of companies where the leaders have heartfelt chosen to go this path.

Session outline

Do you also sometimes wonder whether we are able to change the world through buisness? Whether business could positively impact society without stressful hours or losing profitability? Whether we could all work in companies that energise you and fulfill you everyday and be rewarded for it? 8 years ago, Pebble wave started with this mindset to figure out whether is it possible. After investing and experimenting with 20 companies, we believe it is indeed possible and created a systemic approach to create and invest in conscious purpose companies that work that way. In this session you will get an insight into this journey and model from a personal, business and investment point of view so we can all work together to make this a reality for everyone!

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