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Zafer Djabri

Transformation Lead, Group Transformation

Growing roses in the desert: seeding Teal practices in a large traditional organisation


Zaf is a professional coach, change agent, and passionate advocate for human-centred organisational design. For the last few years, Zaf has part of a team working to change a large global organisation, and has focused on enterprise agility, leadership and culture. Zaf is also deeply committed to working with individuals as a personal coach, and is exploring the intersections between coaching and therapeutic approaches.

Session outline

Five years ago, a small group of like-minded people frustrated by the daily working experience in their organisation got together, and resolved to try and change the paradigm.

This is the story of their journey – of how the organisation changed through this experience, and of how this experience changed them.

We’ll examine how the north star shifted from agility to “new ways of working” to “new ways of being”, the challenges of scaling from micro to macro, the setbacks and sometimes unexpected successes.

And we’ll share some personal reflections and perspectives from the group on what was learnt, and what the journey meant to them.

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